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Soft Cups are a relatively new innovation that were actually designed as an alternative to tampons and sanitary towels (napkins) for women. Soft Cups consist of a round piece of rubber with a sort of clear thin plastic bag underneath. They are inserted into the vagina like tampons and the soft cup collects the menstruation blood. You have to bend the soft cups slightly to get them in and then hook them around your finger to remove them.

Soft Cups claim that you can wear them for twice as long as tampons though so you can go for extended periods with soft cups that you may not be able to with tampons. In fact you can wear soft cups for up to 12 hours.

There are a few different brands of menstruation cups available and they are made of different materials. The Soft Cups are the ones that are made by Instead and although this site has no affinity with that company, the focus is on that brand because they have been the one brand that has been shown to be most useful when trying to get pregnant because of the material they use, their flexibility, and the position they sit in. Therefore we are spotlighting those and their possible ability to help when TTC (trying to conceive).

Soft Cups are available online as you can see below, in the US and the UK:

Other cups available include the Mooncup which is made of a slightly different, more rigid, material, is reusable and sits in a slightly different position and hence is not quite so good for use when TTC. it is available in the the US and UK on Amazon.


However, women have also discovered that soft cups can be a useful device when trying to conceive so they now have a dual use. You insert soft cups after intercourse so that the soft cup keeps the sperm in place. It can also be useful to use a sperm-friendly lubricant with the soft cups. You can find out much more about how to use soft cups to try and get pregnant.

This site will try and tell you all you need to know about soft cups whether that be for their intended use or soft cups for women who are trying to conceive. You can also check out the soft cups video which shows you what they look like and how they bend to fit in your vagina.

There is also additional information for those who are trying to conceive and details about where you can buy soft cups (particularly in the UK or the US)  if you want to try them out for yourself. If you want to see what people are saying about soft cups them read the ttc reviews which are genuine quotes taken from ladies who have managed to get pregnant after using soft cups. Many women swear that using soft cups after sex has actually made the difference in enabling them to conceive.

Often Soft Cups are used together with a fertility friendly lubricant like preseed or conceive plus and you can add a small amount into the soft cup before inserting as well as using as a lubricant in the normal way.