Buy Soft Cups

Buy Soft Cups

If you are looking to buy soft cups then there are a few places that you can buy them. Obviously where you buy soft cups from depends on where you live and what kind of availability they have in your area. It is simple enough for those in the UK and the USA to buy soft cups either online or perhaps at your local pharmacy. Not all pharmacies stock soft cups and they are probably more likely to stock them in the US than the UK so if may be easiest to buy soft cups online.

Soft cups are available to buy from both Amazon UK and USA and they are usually in stock and shipped pretty quickly so you can get hold of them within a day or two. The online prices seem to be more competitive than the prices in the pharmacies so if you want to save money then it is worth buying soft cups online. You can also buy them in different quantities.

Here are the links to buy soft cups from Amazon in the US. You can buy them in boxes of 14 or 24 (and they are cheaper to buy in the US than they are in the UK so you get more soft cups for your money):

Buy Soft Cups US


If you want to buy soft cups in the UK then they come in boxes of 6 and 24 so if you want to just try them out to start with you can just get a box of 6. Obviously it is more economical to get the box of 24.  The packages arrive all discreetly wrapped so that you don’t need to worry about people knowing what is inside 🙂

Buy Soft Cups UK


So as you can see it is easy to buy soft cups online and they will be with you in a few days. You may also want to use the pre-seed lubricant that many people use in combination with the soft cups to give a better chance of achieving that pregnancy you are looking for.

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