Clear Blue Fertility Monitor

Clear Blue Fertility Monitor

When you are trying to get pregnant and it hasn’t happened for you after a few months of trying (like you thought it would!), one of the best things that you can do to enhance your chances of conceiving is to actually know when you are ovulating. A lot of women assume that they will ovulate in the middle of their cycle. So, for example, if you had a standard 28 day cycle you might think that you would ovulate on day 14. However, this is not always (and perhaps not often) true and it is possible to ovulate within a wide range of dates in that cycle.

If you have longer or more varying cycles then it is even more likely that you will not know your exact ovulation date as it could be at any time within a wide range of dates, the longer your cycle is.

The most fertile time to conceive is in the days leading up to ovulation and on ovulation day itself – so if you can get an advanced warning of when ovulation is occurring then you can start to time intercourse accordingly. Once you know that you have ovulated then you can go back to intercourse without the ttc pressure 🙂

Another important thing about knowing when you ovulate is how often to have intercourse in that time. You may thing that the more often the better but in cases where there was a poor result in the semen analysis, it may be better to time it for every other day or every 36 hours so that the sperm has a chance to ‘regroup’ and thus be of better quality.

So, if you want to check when you are ovulating then the CBFM is touted to be the most advanced home ovulation predictor method that there is, so it could be a wise move to choose the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor. Many women rely on it’s 99% accuracy in predicting ovulation and research has revealed that the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor increases your chances of conceiving by 89% over the first 2 months just by letting you know when your most fertile days are.

So, to take charge of your fertility you can use a number of things. You could use the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor in conjunction with pre-natal vitamins, pro-fertility lubricant, soft cups and any of the other ways that can increase your chances of conceiving naturally.

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