Home Fertility Test – Women

Home Fertility Test – Women

If you are trying to conceive and you have only just started on your journey then it may well be that you are unaware whether you are fertile or not. Doctors generally will only start testing for infertility issues after a year if you are under 35 and after 6 months if you are over 35. However, if you want to take charge of your own fertility and start the ball rolling to learn about your body then you could do a home fertility test.

For women the home fertility test is simple and cheap. You can pick up a home fertility test from Amazon for under $15 in the US and under £10 in the UK. These tests are simple to use and usually come with two tests. All you need to do is dip the test sticks into a first thing in the morning urine sample, on day 3 of your cycle, and wait for 5 minutes.

The home fertility tests for women check on the level of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) that is present in the urine and indicate a high level by a positive test showing two dark lines. In this case a positive test is a bad thing as it shows a high level of FSH in the urine which can indicate low fertility.

The result can be read by how dark the line appears so don’t panic if you do see a line (indicating a positive test normally) as there will usually be a line of some kind. It is only if the line is really dark that it is worth getting tested by a doctor and even then, if you do have a high FSH, there is still a good chance that you can get pregnant.

Although these tests are a good indicator, they should not be taken as a yes or no in terms of infertility. In order to establish any other problems you will need to see your doctor for further tests and investigations. However, it can give you a small amount of peace of mind if you get a negative test and your doctor is not ready to start tests on you or it could help you to push for tests earlier if you get a positive result.

There are a few choices of home fertility test for women but all measure pretty much the same thing. So if you want to have more knowledge of your chances of conceiving then try one of these tests for starters.


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