Can I Get Pregnant With My Period?

Can I Get Pregnant With My Period?

This seems to be a question that a lot of people are asking so I thought I would address the question of ‘can I get pregnant during my period?’.

The most fertile time of your cycle is when you are ovulating. In order to get pregnant the sperm needs to meet the egg and in order to do this the sperm must enter the body either in the days before ovulation or shortly after ovulation.

A woman will ovulate approximately 14 days before her period starts (although it can be anything from 10 days before but is not often more than 14 days. So if you have a cycle length of 28 days then you will likely ovulate on day 14. So, if you have a much shorter cycle, say 22 days, then you may possibly ovulate on day 8 of your cycle.

So, let’s say you have sex on day 5 of your cycle, when you still have your period. It is possible that sperm can live in the body for up to 4 days so it may be possible for them to fertilise an egg that is produced say on day 8 or 9. Although this is a slim possibility the chance is still there.

So if you are asking if you can get pregnant in your period then you need to think about a few things: do you have a short cycle? Is it near the end of your period? You would really need to answer yes to both of these things for it to be possible, and even then the chances are pretty slim.


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