Can Soft Cups Prevent Pregnancy?

Can Soft Cups Prevent Pregnancy?

This is a question that is sometimes asked of us so we thought it a good idea to set the record straight. No, soft cups are in no way designed to prevent pregnancy. Although some users have reported having intercourse with a soft cup inserted (this is not recommended), it is not there to prevent the sperm from reaching and passing through the cervix.

The soft cup in terms of trying to get pregnant, is inserted after intercourse to try and prevent the sperm from leaving and instead keep them near the cervix so that they are heading on the right direction towards the egg. It is not known whether this does actually occur but the fact that the soft cup blocks the cervix and hence the sperm that is held above the soft cup, can only be a good thing.

So no, do NOT use soft cups to try and prevent a pregnancy.

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