How Long Can You Leave Soft Cups In?

How Long Can You Leave Soft Cups In?

You may be wondering how long is a safe amount of time to leave a soft cup in? Well it is recommended that you only leave a soft cup in for a maximum of 12 hours. If you are using soft cups when trying to get pregnant then you can leave them in overnight after having sex, to stop any of the spillage that might otherwise occur. Then just take it out in the morning and dispose of it.

However, if you have left a soft cup in for much longer and are worried about it then although you should not do this due to the risk of infection, we have heard of a number of stories particularly where the woman has forgotten to take the soft cup out. In one case it seems that the soft cup could have been in for a month and even after that amount of time no damage was caused. There was another story where the woman took out a soft cup she had put in the night before, only to find 2 in there and not being able to recall when the other one was inserted.

So, although you should obviously take them out within the time frame recommended if you can, it seems that there have been many occasions when this hasn’t happened. Soft Cups are not associated at all with toxic shock syndrome because of the material they are made of, so you are less likely to get an infection from that perspective. However, if you are in any doubt then please consult your doctor.

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