New Reusable SoftCups

New Reusable SoftCups

The original instead soft cups were not designed top be reusable and it was advised that they were discarded after each use. Many people however, used them a few times by making sure they were fully cleaned in very hot water before using for another time.

However, this is now not necessary as new reusable soft cups have been introduced and are designed for use for just one menstrual cycle. You can buy them in boxes with just 2 soft cups so that you can just buy a small quantity to start off with. They are very safe and fully approved by the FDA with no harmful compounds in and are latex free.

These reusable soft cups (which have been branded Evofem) may be a good idea whether you are using them for your period or using them for trying to get pregnant. If you do indeed manage to get pregnant on your first cycle of trying then you have not wasted a lot of money.

You can buy the reusable soft cups on Amazon in both the US and the UK although again they are much cheaper to buy in the US.

Check out the links below for buying reusable soft cups:

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