How to Remove a Soft Cup

How to Remove a Soft Cup

Many people are afraid of using soft cups because they have heard stories of ladies getting the soft cup in but not being able to get it out again! If this is one of your fears then try not to worry too much. Firstly it is useful to practice putting and taking out a soft cup before you use it for real. This way you can be sure that you will be able to get the soft cup out.

The easiest way to get it out is to use a finger to hook over the edge of the soft cup rim and then pull it back slowly. If you feel that you can’t reach it then just try sitting at a different angle. it may be that your cervix is at a different angle to what you think and you need to go at it from a different direction. If it is difficult to reach then use your longest finger, i.e. the middle one. Perhaps instead of trying to hook it out, use your finger the other way so that you are almost flicking it out with the top of your finger, then you can get hold of it once it is out a little way.

If you are really struggling then it may be that you need to get a partner to take it out but this is very rare. The key is not to panic and just try and relax (easier said than done) and you should be able to manage just fine.

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