Research on Maca Shows Improved FSH in Rats

Research on Maca Shows Improved FSH in Rats

When trying to conceive, women are investigating all types of things that can give them a better chance of achieving that longed for pregnancy. One of the things that should increase their chances is taking the right supplements. There are a number of vitamins and natural supplements around that have been shown to help with fertility and some that are more hearsay and trial and error.

Maca root is one natural product that has been generally used to increase libido in men and women as well as help women with symptoms of menopause. However, it has also now been shown in trials to improve levels of FSH in rats when taken over a longer period of time (3-6 months).

FSH levels are tested in women to see the level of follicle stimulating hormone that is present usually on day 3 in their cycle. The higher the level, the less chance of pregnancy and the closer to menopause a woman is deemed to be. However, there have been success stories with women getting pregnant with levels of 25 and above.

The research has shown that taking maca root can decrease the FSH levels which may then mean a better chance of conceiving.

Check out the Maca Root website for more information on the benefits of taking maca.

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