Soft Cups and Conceive Plus

Soft Cups and Conceive Plus

When using soft cups for the purpose of trying to get pregnant, many people also use a fertility friendly lubricant to give the sperm a better chance. In order to survive our body produces cervical mucus which can help to carry the sperm on it’s path but if for some reason we do not produce enough cervical mucus there are a couple of products out there that can help.

You must note however, that you should not use traditional standard lubricants for this purpose as mist of them (including baby oil and saliva) will actually kill the sperm and so will do more harm than good.

The two main fertility lubricants that you can get are Preseed and Conceive Plus. These have been created so that they have the correct pH and will help the sperm rather than hindering them. They are not that cheap but can be a good buy.

[amazon_link id=”B004GHALRK” target=”_blank” ]Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant Pre-filled Applicators for Couples Trying-to-conceive Naturally[/amazon_link]  [amazon_link id=”B004382GWK” target=”_blank” ]Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant[/amazon_link]

You can use these lubricants as they are directed and then, when you are going to insert the soft cup after sex, you can add a squirt of the lubricant into the soft cup before inserting it.

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