Soft Cups for Self Insemination

Soft Cups for Self Insemination

Perhaps another use for Soft Cups that the manufacturers didn’t anticipate is for women who are trying to get pregnant through self-insemination, whether you are in a single sex relationship or just want to have a child but don’t have the advantage of a partner, then Soft Cups can be a means of helping with self-insemination. It can be very difficult, not to say expensive, for a person who is not in a ‘standard’ relationship, to actually get pregnant, so finding a way around this problem means looking for alternative solutions.

The use of Soft Cups for self-insemination would really be suited to a situation where you have access to fresh sperm, as it is easier to get the man to ‘do his part’ straight into the soft cup so that you can then insert it straight away. Of course we don’t need to go into the details of assessing your own sperm donor etc as no doubt you will have gone through this already. Going through a paid procedure with a sperm donor company would get you a donor and sperm that has gone through various tests so you would have that reassurance. But there are situations where doing it for yourself using home insemination may work for you.

So, instead of using a syringe, Soft Cups can be used by putting the semen into the soft cup and inserting it into the vagina so that the soft cup sits up against the cervix thus positioning the sperm where it needs to be. You can leave it there for a number of hours (8-12) to do its job. You can also use preseed or else another fertility lubricant which may aid the mobility of the sperm. Add a squirt of the preseed into the soft cup and this may help.

The results using this method are obviously anecdotal but there have been women who have used this method for self-insemination and succeeded. It could be a first point of trying if you are in the right situation to be able to do this and also it is probably the cheapest method. Perhaps you have a known donor who has helped in this way before. There are plenty of Soft Cups in one packet for a few months use and the preseed will also last a while. Don’t forget that unless you have had your donor’s sperm tested in terms of numbers, mobility and motility, then it may be wise to only do the insemination every other day around your ovulation date so as to let the sperm ‘regroup’ and the numbers come back up. However, if you have a young donor with a high count then you may be OK to inseminate every day around ovulation.


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