Using Soft Cups

Using Soft Cups

If you have not used soft cups before then it can be a good thing to use them in a trial run before you use them properly. As with when you first used tampons, they can take a bit of getting used to.

The soft cups bend into a shape that does easily slip into your vagina but some women can find then a little trick to take out on occasions. It may depend on how high and in what position your cervix is as to whether you might find them difficult to take out. To remove the soft cups, just hook the end of your finger under the rim of the cup and pull. If you do not succeed on the first go then try from a slightly different angle.

If you are using the soft cups when trying to conceive and you really struggle to take the soft cup out then you can ask your partner to help as they may find it easier. Otherwise you will be able to get them out, just don’t panic and try squatting over the toilet to reach the soft cup.

2 thoughts on “Using Soft Cups

  1. Hi I am 13 and I just tried soft cups but without me being on my period. Is it 1. Okay for a teenager as myself to wear them? And 2. Should I be on my period to insert them? I get it in and I feel it. Help?

    1. So sorry Jan I have only just seen your comment. Yes it is perfectly OK for teenagers to use soft cups too, but it is best to just use them during your period really.

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