Where Can I Get Soft Cups?

Where Can I Get Soft Cups?

If you have heard about soft cups and want to start using them whether that be for ttc or for menstruation then you may wonder where you can get hold of them.

Well the most obvious place to buy them is on Amazon whether that be in the US or the UK – they are sold on both sites. You can check out a few of our other pages for details or take a look at the buying soft cups page.

In the US you can also buy soft cups at some pharmacies and larger stores. They may be difficult to find as not many places stock them yet but they are available at CVS.

On Amazon you can get a pack of 14 for under $10 so they are better value when you buy them in larger quantities (like everything I guess). They can take a bit of getting used to but once they are in you should not feel them at all and if using for ttc then you can leave them in for up to 12 hours.

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