Instead Soft Cups

Instead Soft Cups

Instead Soft Cups

Although there are a number of companies that manufacture menstrual cups, the most well known soft cup products are made by Instead. Other cups have a different design and material that they are composed of (for example moon cups) which makes the Instead Soft Cups the best for trying to conceive.

You can buy Instead Soft Cups online as well as in pharmacies and the boxes come in various quantities. If you want to try out Instead Soft Cups to start with then you can just buy a pack of 6. Take the time to try then out and get used to inserting them and removing them (this can be the hardest part and may need a bit of practice) before using them for real. Each soft cup comes individually wrapped so you can use them one at a time and the rest will remain sterile.

Also you may not need to buy a large pack of them as many women find they become pregnant on the first few tries of using them. Whether this is actually as a result of using the Instead Soft Cups, or if they have pulled out all the stops and are using other things like Pre-Seed and ovulation tests as well, has yet to be proved, but they do seem to have a positive effect when trying to conceive – check out some of the reviews for Instead Soft Cups elsewhere on this site.

If you want to shop online then you can buy Instead Soft Cups in various quantities and you can get them on Amazon US and Amazon UK. You may also want to purchase Pre-Seed if you are using them to try and get pregnant (or there are also other lubricants designed to help with conception like Conceive Plus that you can get too).


Instead Soft Cups are often considered the best soft cups to use when you are trying to conceive as other cups are harder in the materials that they use and are sometimes designed to be positioned differently (i.e. much lower down) rather than the Instead Soft Cups that are made to sit directly under your cervix.

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