Soft Cup TTC Reviews

Soft Cup TTC Reviews

You can use soft cups when trying to get pregnant by inserting the soft cup next to your cervix to try and keep the sperm in. Quite a few ladies credit their positive pregnancy tests (BFP) to using Soft Cups and for many of them the positive test comes after using the soft cups for the first time. Here I will give some soft cup reviews by quoting from some posts from pregnancy forums where women are trying to conceive and where the women have used soft cups to try and conceive.

Bear in mind that this is just anecdotal evidence but when trying to conceive anything extra could help you. However, these are genuine soft cup reviews from women who were trying to conceive and got pregnant when they used soft cups. I will add more soft cup reviews as I find them:

“Did you use the Cups first time too!!!! I used them for this first time this cycle and BFP!!! so pretty sure that’s what worked for us”

“Good luck ladies! This was my first month trying Pre-Seed and Softcups together and I got my BFP a few days ago. We dtd every other night from CD10 to CD20 and used both every time. Sticky baby dust to everyone!”

“honey i used pre seed and soft cups you can by them over the counter in the tampon section the are originally for menses cycle but alot of ppl are getting preggers including me. i would get an pos opk then BD using pre-seed after tht line line the soft cup lightly w pre seed and leave it in all night… it’s safe to do so. the soft cups hold the spremys up close to the cervix for hour no drainage. it took 2 month then i got my BFP”

“I got pregnant first time using the Instead softcups…”

“I’m just popping over to have a nosey as we are planning to start ttc for our second in August when I will be 39 (yikes!). Anyway, just wanted to say I got my BFP the first time we used soft cups so go for it! They do take the romance out of it all but you just have to laugh.”

(after a BFP) “That was my second month with the cups,but swear putting my legs up the wall really helped and doing a few wee yoga poses”

More Soft Cup Reviews:

“I wanted to share my personal story of pregnancy success as my DH and I are ecstatic and we believe completely that a product called Instead Softcup is responsible for our success. I know how many women are struggling with getting pregnant, and if I can offer any hope or ideas of things to try, I just want to put it out there. We are currently 14 weeks pregnant with our second child, due in November… we used Softcup. We used it twice that month and two weeks later, got the wonderful POSITIVE pregnancy test we have been waiting for!”

“We have been ttc for about 10 months and this was our 1st cycle using soft cups and preseed and we got our BFP. So I would say they work plus no drip is a plus. GLA!”

“I got pregnant using them the first time too back in 08. were trying them again.”

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“We have a 20 mo. old little boy named Jadon and the month we conceived him, we used instead cups. That was the only month that we used them out of the 18 months trying to get pg.”

“Softcups are menstrual cups… They aren’t marketed as a fertility aid, but they should be.  After you bd, you insert one (squeeze and slip behind your pelvic bone) and leave in for a few hours. It keeps the swimmers in near your cervix so they don’t all come out when you get up. Whether or not they are of actual help I don’t know, but it was worth using them. Could be a coincidence, but it’s my 2nd cycle and first with preseed and softcups and it worked. Who am I to question? 

“Good luck!!! I got pregnant first time using them…”

“I used softcups and preseed! Don’t know if they worked, but I did get knocked up.”

“for all of the ladies who ask about the soft cups: my husband and i had tried for about 6 months before we tried them for ttc well on our 7th month of ttc we used them and we just found out that we will have our little bean on June 3rd 2012 so im about 4 and half weeks along so i would suggest using them thank you for reading ladies:D good luck”

maybe try to orgasm after every session, or keep your legs up against a wall? Those two ways will keep the juice in there. I also used a soft cup the cycle I fell

I got a BFP the first cycle I used them

These are just a few of the Soft Cup Reviews that I have found – the evidence does seem to point to the fact that soft cups help in conceiving but I guess there is unlikely to be any actual sort of trial to prove that fact.

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