Soft Cups Video

Soft Cups Video

Soft Cups Video

So if you are wondering about using soft cups and have questions such as:

  • ‘what does a soft cup look like?’
  • ‘how do I insert a soft cup?’
  • ‘how do I use a soft cup?’

then check out this short soft cups video which shows what the soft cup looks like, how it is flexible and can bend to the shape of your body and how you can insert it in your vagina.

Full instructions come with the packet of soft cups and although most women find them easy to use, as the soft cup should just slip right into place without much effort, there are stories of ladies who either tried them out beforehand or used them during their period a few times to get used to them.

Removing the soft cup can sometimes be a bit trickier than inserting it so it is also worth trying this first. There is a knack to removing them and squatting can be helpful if you are having trouble. Hook your finger over the edge of the soft cup to pull it out.

They are quite a strange concept if you have not used them before, but judging by all of the positive reviews from ladies who were trying to conceive and managed to get a positive pregnancy test on only the first or second time using them, they really seem to be worth a try.

The soft cups video has no sound so you don’t need to worry about people overhearing any commentary, and just shows Instead Soft cups, what they look like and how they bend for use.

So basically you can use soft cups after sex to help to keep the sperm up near the cervix. Insert the soft cup straight afterwards and you can keep it in for up to 12 hours. Many women leave it in overnight.

You can buy the soft cups in boxes of varying numbers. The smallest box comes in packs of six and so you could use these for a few times each month while you are trying to get pregnant to see if these work for you. Although they are not cheap if you compare them to tampons, they are a pretty unique product when it comes to trying to conceive.

Please note also that the Soft Cup packaging may vary depending on where you live.

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